Gather together six friends for a private, ONE-OF-A-KIND workshop

Learn the Beautiful & Mysterious Art of Mandalas

Do you like mandala coloring books? Do you find them fun, relaxing, and therapeutic to color? Now, imagine creating a mandala design of your very own. A timeless design that holds personal meaning and represents YOU: your personality, dreams, and aspirations.

Whether you see yourself as an artist, or always wanted to be one, under our expert and patient guidance in a creative, supportive, non-judgmental environment, ANYONE can create a beautiful mandala. In fact, each mandala is like a signature. All you need is a little curiosity, a playful attitude, and an open heart.

Go from a blank canvas to creating your own intricately designed mandala. You'll be amazed by the creative energy and the quiet stillness designing and coloring your very own mandala will bring you. It’s a beautiful form of meditation that can provide precious insights about your true nature and centers you in the present moment. It’s transformative and facilitates
personal growth, healing, and joy.

What would a mandala workshop be like

• Designer, artist, and yoga teacher Sha LeBoeuf-Dubois will guide you in creating your own personal mandala design. 

• Before we put pencil to paper, we’ll learn what a mandala is, why it has been around for centuries and prominent in so many cultures around the world, and why it holds so much power and joy.

• We’ll also explore the meaning of various shapes, symbols, and colors. 

• To create the underlining structure of your design, we’ll use various drawing techniques, geometry, and tools like micro pencils, compasses, protractors, and rulers.  

• To bring dimension and texture to your design, we’ll play with shading and blending techniques using artist grade color pencils. 

• Throughout the workshop we’ll collaborate, share tips, tricks, and insights about how transformative this creative process can be. 

• Upon completion of the workshop, we’ll celebrate our creativity with a final gallery review. You’ll take home a beautiful work of art you can be proud to frame and display.


After a full year of creative workshops, we're looking forward to hosting more in the coming year. So contact us with dates and times that work best for you and five friends.


In order to create a more focused and intimate gathering, we are limiting each workshop to 6 students.


$65 for this two-day workshop, which covers supplies and materials. 


The true meaning of each mandala is specific to the individual who creates it. So join us on this personal journey of creativity into the world of the beautiful and mysterious mandala.