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We collaborate with creative organizations—museums, art galleries, cultural groups, and educational institutions—to help them reach, engage, and connect with their audience in unique and more meaningful ways. 

Working within the creative field, we know how much effort goes into each and every exhibit, educational program, and special event your creative organization offers its audience. Wouldn't it be great to have your audience take part in playful interactive experiences and returning home with a unique memory of their visit with you?

Here at Élan + LeafLet Publishing, we're passionate about working closely with you, your curators, and educational team to design custom exhibit guides, creative journals, interactive experiences, and playful learning tools and toys. Our designs do more than just tell the stories of your collections, exhibits, programs, and philanthropic work—they invite your audience to engage with your art through playful exercise of drawing, writing, and hands-on exploration.

Art is subjective. Everyone sees and feels something different when they explore its colors, lines, textures, and forms. Let your audience take away a unique gift of their own art with one of our custom guides, journals, and interactive experiences. Through storytelling of the art and artist, images, and an infusion of our creative tips and strategies, your audience is invited to explore, engage with, and learn about each work of art in ways they never imagined.


Connect with us to learn more about our custom designed exhibit guides, creative journals, and playful learning tools and toys. Explore how we can help you offer unique interactive experiences that will make your audience want to be a part of your creative organization today and tomorrow, again and again.


We collaborate with creative individuals—artists, designers, writers, photographers, and even individuals who may not think of themselves as the "creative type"—to help them find the time and space in their lives to be creative, inspire them to follow their passion, and do what they LOVE to do.

As designers and artists, we know what it takes to be creative day in and day out, to give all your energy and best work to others, and how it feels to be creatively depleted. We also know we're most happy when we give ourselves the time and space to be creative and find inspiration to make our own art.

But being creativity takes courage and it demands to some degree a certain amount of empty space. It’s often in this empty space that we lose ourselves, question our talent, or fear the judgment. We need to find a way to give our imagination a blank canvas where it can roam free, experiment, and play around with all the creative ideas and inspiration we find in the world around us.

Here at Élan + LeafLet Publishing, we're passionate about sharing with you the unique tools and creative strategies that we use to stay connected and engaged with our passion. With our custom designed journals, creative workshops, and playful learning tools and toys, we’ll help you flex your creative muscle, find your inner muse, and inspire you to follow your passion.


Join our creative community, get inspired, and stay connected to "creative types” just like you. Listen to their stories, learn about their creative process, and use the same playful tools and toys that have helped them follow their passion. Do you need more support on your creative journey? Join one of our workshops or sign up for our 30-Day Creative Brew Challenge. It's just a click away!










Find inspiration, reconnect with nature, and get your "buzz" back!

We all go through transitions in our lives. Each experience gives us an opportunity to face our fears, get to know ourselves better, find the courage to make changes in our lives, and connect more deeply with others. But all too often during these transitions, we get over-whelmed with life’s challenges and responsibilities, and we lack the focus, creativity, and energy to move forward. 

When life gets busy and distracting, I find it takes extra focus and discipline to tune it all out and free up my mind to be creative. One of the most efficient ways I find inspiration for my art and design work (a.k.a. get my buzz back) is to spend time in nature — the energy of
the trees, the sound of the wind, and
the movement of the water awakens
my creative spirit. It was during one such nature walk that I came up with the idea of my Creative Brew Walk and journal.

What Is a Creative Brew Walk? 

A Creative Brew Walk is a fun breakthrough thinking and creative journaling session that will help you: 

Reconnect with nature
Free your mind and unlock
   your imagination
Find inspiration and develop ideas
Close the gap between thought
   and action
Harness the power of creativity to
   realize the many opportunities in
   your life

How Does It Work? 

During our walk at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum (one of my favorite creative places), we’ll find an open space where we can sit, chat, and identify a challenge, opportunity, or
idea you want to develop. Using our Creative Brew Walk Journal, we’ll
explore new strategies of creative thinking and play with different breakthrough approaches that will:

Get your creative energy flowing
Suspend limiting thoughts
Strengthen engagement and
Help you navigate challenges
   and change

Curious to learn more?


Reconnect with your creativity!

If joining us on one of our Creative Brew Walks is not possible due to geographic distance, perhaps taking part in our 30-Day Creative Brew Challenge will spark your imagination, help you find your inner muse, and inspire you to follow your passion. 

I was inspired to create this 30-Day Creative Brew Challenge by my struggle over the past few years to be creative for myself, and work on my art. As the Creative Director of Elan + LeafLet Publishing for the past 18 years, I've been sharing all my creative energy and strategic ideas with my clients and their organizations (which, by the way, I LOVE doing). But somewhere along the way I got depleted. This can happen when you turn your passion in a business. 

In an effort to give myself the time and space to work on my own art, flex my creative mind, and find some inspiration, this 30-Day Creative Brew Challenge was born. But this creative challenge is like no other you may have seen. We don’t tell you what to create. That’s up to you. What we will do is help you dig deep and tap into the emotions that surface when creative types struggle to be creative.

How does this 30-Day Creative
Brew Challenge work? 

Twice a year, in the spring and fall,
we invite members of our creative community to take part in this 30-day challenge. It starts with a welcome
e-mail that asks you to identify a creative task (i.e. challenge, opportunity, project or idea) you want to develop.

Each day of the month, we’ll send you
an e-mail that has a different strategy
on how you might approach your chosen creative task. Your challenge, should
you choose to accept it, is to apply
each day’s strategy to your creative
task and create something amazing.

Curious to learn more?



Rediscover your true self through journaling

Come explore the 7 mysterious energy centers of the body known as the chakras. Unlike other chakra workshops, we combined the chakra balancing asana and pranayama practice with the deeper, more mindful art of chakra journaling. This is a rare opportunity to de-mystify and study the chakras on a more personal level, and connect body, mind, and spirit, while exploring creative tools of empowerment for your daily life.

Journaling—the act of writing down your thoughts, observations, opinions, dreams, and desires—can be instrumental in helping you achieve a balanced, healthy outlook on life. But why use the chakras as a conduit to journaling? Quite simply, the chakras are like a multi-dimensional lens, allowing us to view our lives and change our perspective of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. The chakras connect us to the entire universe and influence our ability to exist in harmony.

There are 7 Chakra Journal Workshops to choose from: 

Although our workshops start with Muladhara and move up the chakra ladder to Sahasrara, you don’t have to take part in all 7 Chakra Journal Workshops. Attend only those workshops that you identify with and learn how these mysterious energy centers play an important role in making you the person you are today.

Muladhara — Root Chakra:
   Live A Healthy Life

Swadhisthana — Sacral Chakra:
   Live A Creative Life

Manipura — Solar Plexus Chakra:
   Live A Playful Life

Anahata — Heart Chakra:
   Live A Compassionate Life

Vishuddha — Throat Chakra:
   Live An Authentic Life

Ajna — Third Eye Chakra:
   Live An Intuitive Life

Sahasrara — Crown Chakra:
   Live A Purposeful Life






If you consider yourself an artist (or always wanted

to be one), are curious about the creative process and

finding the artist within, or you’re looking to share

your ideas and passion for art, design, and all things

creative...Muse is for you!


Welcome to Muse, a blog for those who are looking to bring creative energy and a source of inspiration into their lives. It’s our hope that by sharing our stories, museum and art inspired events, and some cool creative books, we’ll pique your curiosity, reawaken your inner-child, and inspire you to be CREATIVE, each and every day.


Connect with creative types just like you by sharing your comments on blog posts or chatting with us via e-mail or social media. We’d love to hear from you!

        The Journey Behind the  MAKING OF THE Chakra Journals      Discover how a creative struggle, a shared         passion for yoga, and the collaboration       between two friends created this unique                       series of chakra journals.

        The Journey Behind the
 MAKING OF THE Chakra Journals

     Discover how a creative struggle, a shared
        passion for yoga, and the collaboration
      between two friends created this unique
                      series of chakra journals.

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